Tiltall Professional Dual Pan Head BP-40

Product Highlights


• Quick Release Clamp Locking Knob
• Quick Release Plate With Non-Slip Surface
• 1/4″ D-Ring Screw With Coin Slot And Hexagon Socket
• Dia. For Tension Fixation
• Quick Release Locking Pin
• Adjustable Stainless Steel Leg Spike
• 360 º Panning Socket With Blocking Screw And Scale
• Two Spirit Levels
• 3/8” Tripod Bush
• Protective Bag Included

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This BP-40 Ball Head from Tiltall features an integrated quick release cam lock and a QRF-60 Quick Release Plate. Compatible quick release plates such as the QRF-60 can be removed from the head by pulling the cam lock’s spring-loaded lever, which also allows the plate to be instantly reattached. The cam lock also features a safety catch to prevent the QRF-60, or another compatible quick release plate from accidentally disconnecting.

The Tiltall Ball Head with QRF-60 Quick Release Plate has a load capacity of 1.0lbs and can be attached to tripods or other support systems that feature a 3/8″-16 mount. By loosening this BH Ball Head’s primary locking knob, its ball-and-socket joint can be quickly swiveled, angled, fully tilted, or returned to its upright position. Toward the ball head’s base is a secondary locking knob that controls the ability to rotate the head 360°. An additional knob opposite the secondary locking knob can be rotated to apply tension control to the ball-and-socket joint’s movements.

Cameras or accessories that are compatible with a 1/4″-20 mount can be connected to the QRF-60 quick release plate which measures 4.4 x 3.6 x 0.8″ and has a rubberized, non-slip surface.


Suitable for BP Dual Pan Heads:
• QRF-60: length 60 mm (2.4 in.), adjusted for BP-40, BP-50
• QR-100: length 100 mm (3.9 in.)
• Aluminum-alloy construction



Type BP-40 BP-50
Ball Diameter (mm/in.) 33 / 1.5 44 / 1.7
Socket Diameter (mm/in.) 54 / 2.1 60 / 2.4
Height (mm/ in.) 95 / 3.7 103 / 4.1
Weight (g/ lbs.) 450 / 1.0 530 / 1.2
Max. Load (kg/ lbs.) 10 / 22.2 12 / 26.4
Incl. Quick Release Plate QRF-60 QRF-60
Suitable For Tripods TE-224/254


In The Box

Dual Pan Head BP-40
• Quick Release Plate QRF-60
• Protective Bag Included
• Limited 5-Years Warranty


System Overview



Tiltall Dual Pan Head
Solid ball head with extra 360° panning stage above the ball for a convenient and quick horizontal and vertical alignment of the camera for panorama, landscape, architectural or macro photography.
That is why time-consuming length adjustment of the tripod legs for accurate alignment is not necessary when the tripod is placed on uneven ground or when the shooting position is changed.
For compacts, CSC, DSLR, video cameras/camcorders.
Quick release system with dovetail clamping and blocking screw (Arca-Swiss compatible). Quick release plate with non-slip surface, 1/4″ D-ring screw with coin slot and hexagon socket.
Adjustable friction. Locking knob with inset tensioning dial for setting the “released” tension.
360 degree panning socket with blocking screw and graduated scale.
Two spirit levels, for horizontal and vertical alignment.
3/8” tripod bush.
Protective bag included.

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