Photek Sunbuster SB-84WFG – Rental 84

Product Highlights

SB-84WFG – Rental 84″

• Extension Pole
• Tilting Bracket, Frame
• White Diffusion Cover
• Carry Case

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The Photek Sunbuster SB-84WFG – Rental 84″ White Umbrella Kit comes with a removable white diffusion cover that softens direct sunlight with only a 1-stop loss of light. This 84″ giant can carve out a nice patch of scrimmed light or open shade to tame contrast and stop the hot sun from broiling your talent. But this isn’t just a large shoot-through umbrella, it’s a whole system. A 42″ extension pole with tilting frame is provided, along with a heavy boom-type tilting bracket for mounting on a C stand or boom. The kit includes a carrying case to put them all in.

Versatile on Location
• Diffuse harsh sunlight
• Protect talent and crew from a light rain



Dimensions Open diameter: 84″ (2.13 m)


In The Box

Photek Sunbuster SB-84WFG – Rental 84″ White Umbrella Kit
• Top Umbrella Frame Assembly
• 42″ (106.7 cm) Extension Pole
• Adjustable Tilting Frame
• White Diffusion Cover
• Heavy-duty Boom Type Bracket
• Compact Carry Case
• 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


System Overview


Take control over the harsh brilliance of naked sunlight with the new, enlarged SUNBUSTER 84 PLUS, now with wind-defying cover and lightweight, fiberglass frame!

Open and tilt its wide, wide expanse to create a setting free of glare but filled with incomparable natural light.

For Fashion, for Portraiture for Nature Photography, it’s the perfect outdoor picture-making tool. Equipped with its own universal mounting clamp, the SUNBUSTER 84 PLUS can be attached to any heavy-duty light stand, C-type or standard for maximum performance and stability, but there’s more! Brought indoors and fitted with the T-BAR ASSEMBLY/ GRIP CLAMP on which a pair of light heads can be mounted, THE SUNBUSTER 84 reverses to become a massive diffuser for strobe or continuous light sources.

Take off the easily removable white diffusion cover and replace it with the black-backed silver reflective cover and with a pair of strobes affixed to the T-BAR ASSEMBLY/GRIP CLAMP, what a massive single light source the SUNBUSTER 84 PLUS becomes!

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