Photek Softlighter Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit (36″)

Product Highlights


• Studio-Quality Light From Small Flash
• Umbrella,Diffuser, Adapter Included
• Gold & Silver Discs for Color Control

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If you’re looking for better light using your on-camera flash, Photek’s SoftLighter II Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit (36″) fits the bill: you get a 46″ umbrella with a white interior and black removable cover, a diffuser panel with an opening for a hot shoe flash (not included) and the umbrella shaft, a set of Velcro tabs for the flash head, a hot shoe umbrella/light stand adapter with an adjustable hot shoe locking plate for mounting the flash/umbrella to a stand, and a set of silver and gold discs for modifying the color of the light. This setup gives you a broad, soft studio-quality light using only a battery-powered “on-camera” flash.
• Studio-Quality Light From Small Flash
• Umbrella,Diffuser, Adapter and Velcro tabs Included



Type Diameter
HSD-40K Umbrella: 36″ (91 cm)
HSD-50K Umbrella: 46″ (116 cm)
HSD-60K Umbrella: 60″ (152 cm)


In The Box

Photek SoftLighter II Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit with Umbrella (36″)
• SL Series Umbrella (White Interior & Removable Black Cover)
• Diffuser Panel With Velcro Opening for Hot Shoe Flash and Umbrella Shaft
• Set of Silver/Gold Light Discs
• Set of VelcroTabs to be Attached to the Hot Shoe Flash Head
• Shoe Mount Umbrella Adapter – SMA-1000


System Overview



Not a softbox, scattering its light through a diffuser directly at the subject, the new SOFTLIGHTER delivers light that has been totally reflected before it is diffused,light as soft and as even as moonglow.

Because it is a rule that the closer the light source the softer the light our new SOFTLIGHTER design comes with a removable center shaft to bring the light source even closer to your subject. This SOFTLIGHTER is suggested for use specifically in conjunction with Profoto, Elincrome and Balcar heads. And add something even more special – Photek’s SOFTLIGHTER SL-4000 and SL-5000 includes one each gold and silver light enhancing discs. These light modifiers can warm the color of your light or give it more sparkle and contrast, as well as increasing light output by a full half stop. The SOFTLIGHTER II sets up in moments, no collars or rib set up.

Building its original design from the classic umbrella shape, the SOFTLIGHTER has developed that classic light source into a total system. This system ranges from the basic professional reflector/diffuser umbrella to a most sophisticated lighting instrument capable of a variety of lighting tasks.

Designed in three appropriate sizes, every SOFTLIGHTER will fit any light head 7-1/4″ or less in diameter and features these signal advantages:
• Its white reflective surface, free of bleaches and fluorescence, perfectly reflects the color of your light.
• Its stout black nylon cover stops all stray and ricochet, enhancing total light control.
• Its unique construction consisting of ten panels instead of the usual eight gives more reflective surface and a more perfect circle of light, so flattering when seen as catch lights in the eyes.
• So versatile a product is the SOFTLIGHTER, that by removal of its black cover and a reversal of direction, the SOFTLIGHTER becomes everything a softbox promises. It becomes a shoot through diffuser providing light that can be used either as a main light source or as a flattering fill.
• Final touch. The SOFTLIGHTER sets up in moments. Its unique translucent cover fits directly onto the tips of the SOFTLIGHTER. A totally fireproof material creates its own collar around the lighthead, with no time consuming fitting of mounting collars or rib setups involved.
• Best of all. After inserting the SOFTLIGHTER into the flash head, the bottom portion of the shaft is removable on the 8mm SOFTLIGHTER, allowing the unit to get as close to the subject as possible.

SPECIAL NOTE: For mounting shoe mount flash units to the SL-4000 and SL-5000 a shoe mount light stand/umbrella adapter is necessary. Shoe mount flash units will have to be set in manual position because the entire unit will be inside the Softlighter unless the flash unit is equipped with a remote sensor.

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