Photek Light Modifier-Grid For QBR-80 23 x 30″ Quadrabox Softbox

Product Highlights

• Narrows Beam Spread
• Limits spill Light
• Adds Directional Control

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The Photek Grid QBR-80GD for QBR-80 23 x 30″ Quadrabox Softbox is a light modifier that attaches quickly to the softbox’s recessed front via touch-fasteners. The approximately 40° grid narrows the beam spread of your softbox to control spill light and add directionality similar to a reflector while maintaining a soft quality of light. Unlike unwieldy rigid grids, fabric grids are extremely lightweight and fold flat for storage and transport.


OB-90GD GRID FOR OB-90 35″
OB-120GD GRID FOR OB-120 47″
OB-140GD GRID FOR OB-140 55″
QBS-100GD GRID FOR QBS-100 38″ x 38″
QBSL-100GD GRID FOR QBSL-100 15″ x 38″
QBSL-140GD GRID FOR QBSL-140 15″ x 55″
QBR-80GD GRID FOR QBR-80 23″ x 30″
QBR-100GD GRID FOR QBR-100 30″ x 38″
QBR-140GD GRID FOR QBR-140 38″ x 55″

In The Box

Photek Grid for QBR-80 23 x 30″ Quadrabox Softbox

• Limited 1-Year Warranty

System Overview


We here at Photek are proud to introduce our new line of Light Modifiers, that come in a series of Quadrangular and Octagonal configurations. Keeping with the ever changing and diverse needs of the photographer, each model is designed for their own unique lighting scenarios, yet adaptable to many. Easy to break down and with carry bag included, these Light Modifiers work well for traveling. Have a permanent studio? The Photek Light Modifier can be a striking fixture in a professional setting with it’s signature red trim.

The Photek Light Modifier Series is a collapsible light box attachment designed to fit Balcar, White Lightning, Hensel, Photogenic, Elinchrom, Bowens, and other make flash units. With high quality reflective fabric, two remove-able diffusion panels with wide fastening strip, flash hood panel, stainless steel ribs and adapter, this light modifier offers a variety of solutions for adjusting your light source.

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