Photek Light Modifier 35″ Octabank Softbox

Product Highlights

• Sliver interior
• Removable Front Diffuder
• Removable interior Diffuder
• Includes Carry Case
• Optional Flash Head Inserts

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The Photek OB-90 35″ Octabank Softbox is a useful light modifier that broadens and softens the harsh output of your flash head rendering a flattering quality of light with manageable contrast and open shadows. The Octabank has a high output silver interior with removable front and interior diffusers for creative options. The Octabank renders a unique wrap-around quality of light and natural catchlights in the subject’s eyes, making it a favorite of fashion of portrait photographers. Note: The Octabank comes with a universal adapter that supports the unit’s rods. It requires separate purchase of an insert for your brand flash head.


Compatibility Balcar, White Lightning, Hensel, Photogenic, Elinchrom and Bowens flash heads
Removable Front Face Yes
Removable Interior Baffle Yes
Accepts Grids Yes
Requires Speed Ring Yes
Dimensions 35″ (90 cm) Diameter
Weight Not specified by manufacturer


In The Box

Photek OB-90 35″ Octabank Softbox
• Black Outer Shell with Silver Interior
• Removable Front Diffuser
• Removable Interior Diffuser
• 8 x Fiberglass Rods
• Metal Universal Mount for Speed Ring Adapter
• Carry Case
• Limited 1-Year Warranty

System Overview


We here at Photek are proud to introduce our new line of Light Modifiers, that come in a series of Quadrangular and Octagonal configurations. Keeping with the ever changing and diverse needs of the photographer, each model is designed for their own unique lighting scenarios, yet adaptable to many. Easy to break down and with carry bag included, these Light Modifiers work well for traveling. Have a permanent studio? The Photek Light Modifier can be a striking fixture in a professional setting with it’s signature red trim.

The Photek Light Modifier Series is a collapsible light box attachment designed to fit Balcar, White Lightning, Hensel, Photogenic, Elinchrom, Bowens, and other make flash units. With high quality reflective fabric, two remove-able diffusion panels with wide fastening strip, flash hood panel, stainless steel ribs and adapter, this light modifier offers a variety of solutions for adjusting your light source.

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