Photek Illuminata II Octagonal Light Bank with Round Mask – 36″ Diameter

Product Highlights


• Removable Front Face
• High Output Silver Interior

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The 36″ Illuminata II may be used with both electronic flash and up to 500 watts of continuous power, thus fulfilling the needs for the digital photographer as well. Heat release vents have been incorporated for proper cooling when used with a 500 watt continuous light source. The mounting collar which is included can be used with optional insert adapters individually designed for the light head of your choice.

• The Outer Shell with its silver lining has rods made of flexi-steel.
• The Front Diffuser with its circle mask design gives a natural looking catch light.
• Easy assembly and take-down.
• Even pattern of light-within tenths of an F-stop from edge tp edge.
• A heavy duty carry case is also provided.



Size 36″ Diameter
Shape Octagon with round mask
Compatibility Hot lights or strobe
Removable Face Yes
Removable Baffle Yes
Accepts Grids No
Requires Speed Ring Click on “Accessories” Tab


In The Box

Photek Illuminata II Octagonal Light Bank with Round Mask – 36″ Diameter
• 1- Mounting collar (Speed ring for specific light not included)
• 1- Internal baffle
• 1- Set of flexi-steel rods
• 1- Carry case


System Overview


From high fashion to classic portraiture, the Illuminata II was created to fulfill the changing needs of photographers who also choose to take their work outside the rigid lighting rules if necessary, to modify the rules, to make new rules following the instincts of their own creativity.


Most softboxes are a diffused direct light source. The Illuminata II incorporates an inside and outside diffuser to soften the harsh direct light. In other softboxes a graduated inside diffuser is needed because the lamp head is close to the inside diffuser–causing uneven output and creating hotspots. The recorded light output at the front diffuser on most of these other models is a loss of 1/2 f/stop from center to edge.

The Photek Illuminata light modifier is a bounced diffused light source. Its unique inside diffuser has a silver circle disc attached to the center and the remaining area is diffusion material. The silver circle disc is facing the direct light source causing the light to bounce off the silver disc and then be diffused by both the inside and the front diffuser giving an extremely soft and even light pattern. The recorded light output at the front diffuser is a loss of only 1/10 f/stop from center to edge.

Available in two diameters 36 inches (90 cm) and 52 inches (130 cm), each unit comes packaged with eight flexsteel and fiberglass rods already built into the shell to allow quick and easy insertion in its standard mounting collar. An insert ring to accept the light head of your choice is the extra accessory required, Insert rings, according to light head used range in price from thirteen to twenty-six dollars and are available at all Illuminata II dealers.

Other exclusive and outstanding features of the Illuminata II include its narrow silhouette: only 15″(37.5cm) for the model R-3036, 19″(47.5cm) for the model R-3052. Weight 6lbs. In addition, each model includes the die cast aluminum mounting ring, so that only the addition of a light head insert adapter is required. Heat release vents are included in the shell should the Illuminata II be used with a continuous light source of up to 500 watts.

The Illuminta II comes packaged with its own heavy duty carry case.
Listed below are the model numbers and names of the insert rings Photek has available.

The Illuminata is available from Photek’s professional dealer network and for rental at participating equipment rental locations.

Net weight, including mounting collar, is six pounds.

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