Photek GoodLighter Umbrella with Removable 8mm Shaft Silver – 36″ (91cm)

Product Highlights


• Durable Fiberglass Frame
• 10 Panels Offer Improved Stability
• Removable Black backing
• Fabric Maintains Color Accuracy

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This is a Photek U-Series 36″ (91cm) Silver Umbrella with a removable 8mm umbrella shaft. Photek U-Series umbrellas are manufactured on a 10-spoke frame, giving them more stability than an 8-spoke frame used by most other umbrella manufacturers.

A white umbrella greatly softens and broadens the light output of any strobe or lower wattage constant light. Silver umbrellas soften, too, but they provide a slightly “harder” light, with specular features in the highlight areas.

• Set-up is the same as with any standard umbrella
• Soft carry case is included



Type U-1040FG U-1054FG U-1060FG
Inside Diameter(cm) 91cm 120cm 150cm


In The Box

Photek GoodLighter Umbrella with Removable 8mm Shaft (White, 36″)
• Soft Carry Case
• Limited 1 Year Warranty


System Overview


Available in three appropriate sizes: 36, 46, and 60 inches. With its reflective surface, free of bleaches and fluorescence, it perfectly reflects the color of your light.

Its unique construction of 10 panels instead of the usual 8 gives more reflective surface and a more perfect circle of light, so flattering in the catch light in the eyes.

The black cover is removable, so you can shoot through and get a soft diffused light.

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