Photek Center Extension Piece for Crossbar Set – 3′ (91cm)

Product Highlights


• For extending the width of that crossbar
• Replacing an existing section

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The Photek Background Support System comes with a sectional 12′ crossbar. This is a Photek 3′ (91cm) aluminum extension section S-4033 only, for extending the width of that crossbar, or replacing an existing section.

To ensure stability, an additional stand or support for the middle of the crossbar should be used. In addition, sandbags are suggested for the stands.



In the Box

Photek Center Extension Piece for Crossbar Set – 3′ (91cm)


System Overview


Photek’s background complete with Travel Bag.

You do not have to use Hanging Clips; the Photek background comes with a sealed pocket at the top for hanging on to the Photek crossbar of the S-4010-4 background support system. For keeping the background tight the background is made with eyelets along both right and left sides.

Backgrounds are the most versatile item in your studio for both photo and video, so you can digitally edit in the background of your choice by using color screen software.

Background Support System In-a-Bag

Portable, compact and all-purpose, our system has become another standard photographic tool all over the world. Use the system with our new velour green background, muslins, vinyl and seamless paper, just to name a few. The Photek background system extends to 12 feet in width. It can be extended from 6 feet (1.8 meters) minimum to any choice beyond 12 feet (3.6 meters) with available extension kits.

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