Photek Brella Box Rectangle 22″ x 32″ -Black

Product Highlights


• Removable Front Face
• High Output Silver Interior
• Fits Brella Box Rectangle

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The Photek Brella Box Rectangle is a replacement for the 22 x 32″ softbox that ships as part of the Brella Box Rectangle Kit. The box features a removable front face.

Note: The Brella Box cannot be used alone as it requires the fixture from the Brella Box Rectangle Kit for support.



Material Aluminum, synthetic
Shape Rectangle
Removable Front Face Yes
Removable Interior Baffle No baffle
Accepts Grids No
Dimensions 22 x 32″ / 55.9 x 81.3cm


In The Box

Photek Brella Box Rectangle 22 x 32″
• Limited 1-Year Warranty


System Overview


Photek Tool is the Brella Boxes which is a all in one light box offered in three different fabric shapes (Octagon, Rectangular and Square.) A E-27 porcelain socket w/ 3 meter power cord. and On /Off switch is mounted to the Lightstand adapter with its sure grip wood handle for easy of adjustment The Light Stand adapter can be mounted to a 5/8” male stud or with the insert adapter inside can then be connected to a 1/4” or 3/8” male, A special U shaped  Fluorescent  Bulb was designed. It has 4 20 watt Florescent tubes mounted into one E-27 base giving a total of 80 watts This is a flicker free bulb with a color temperature of 5600K , CRI-92+ and 10,000 hrs. of expected life  the beauty of this system is that you can choose the Shape of the fabric and the type of fabric for the kind  of work you are doing. You can order the Brella  Box in a Black / Silver housing or a all White in either Octagon, Rectangular or Square. its your choice Brella Boxes are sold in Kit packages with or without stands.When ordered with a stand the Photek LS-8122  is supplied.

The Photek Brella Box tool is ideal for Portrait or Video Photography the light out is outstanding.

Visit your Photek dealer and see the Photek tools for your studio.

In addition, we are also pleased to announce a new constant lighting option in the form of the Photek BrellaBox. Designed for the amateur, yet applicable to all levels, the BrellaBox offers an all-in-one solution for your average light box. Using an umbrella like system (hence the name), the reflective fabric comes in three different shapes for directional lighting, which is also interchangeable for a white light diffusing fabric for increased ambient light.

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