Photek Black, Silver Outer Shell for SB84 Sunbuster System

Product Highlights


• For SB84 Sunbuster System
• Crisp Light Quality, Higher Output

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This is a Black, Silver Outer Shell SB-84WBS for your Photek Sunbuster SB84 Umbrella. Use it in place of the original white cover, for more intense use of your light source, with specular highlights.


In The Box

Photek Black, Silver Outer Shell for SB84 Sunbuster System
• One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


System Overview


Take control over the harsh brilliance of naked sunlight with the new, enlarged SUNBUSTER 84 PLUS, now with wind-defying cover and lightweight, fiberglass frame!

Open and tilt its wide, wide expanse to create a setting free of glare but filled with incomparable natural light.

For Fashion, for Portraiture for Nature Photography, it’s the perfect outdoor picture-making tool. Equipped with its own universal mounting clamp, the SUNBUSTER 84 PLUS can be attached to any heavy-duty light stand, C-type or standard for maximum performance and stability, but there’s more! Brought indoors and fitted with the T-BAR ASSEMBLY/ GRIP CLAMP on which a pair of light heads can be mounted, THE SUNBUSTER 84 reverses to become a massive diffuser for strobe or continuous light sources.

Take off the easily removable white diffusion cover and replace it with the black-backed silver reflective cover and with a pair of strobes affixed to the T-BAR ASSEMBLY/GRIP CLAMP, what a massive single light source the SUNBUSTER 84 PLUS becomes!

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