JMsmartviewer 3.0″

Product Highlights


  • Easy to install
  • Turnable or removable for portrait photos 
  • Perfect light protection when making video
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The JMsmartviewer SMV-30 It can turn your digital camera screen into a screen protection screen or viewfinder. It has a three-break zoom zoom function. The amplifier contains a double-coated optical lens that can be enlarged by 2.75X (1 to -25 correction). It is used in 3 inch size camera display screen, which can provide framing, viewing, photography and other functions.

Fastening the protective plate
1. Insert protective plate with side opposite hook (for loosening) under tabs on one side of display frame.
2. Now, by pressing hook, lodge protection plate into display frame 3.0 to remove protection plate pull the hook and proceed
in reverse order.

1.The outside surfaces of the middle barrel and the lens barrel should be kept free of soiling, to ensure they will always slide readily when begin extended or pushed back together.
2. Please avoid cleaning the JMSmartViewer with all cleaning products which may attack plastics.
3. For cleaning the lens, a glasses cloth is suitable prior to using it, remove all visible particles of dust from the lens.


In The Box

JM Smartviewer SMV-30
• 3 extend/close tubes (50/105mm)
• W/ 2.5X lens double sides coated
• Adjustable focus at tube 3
• Transparent protect cover
• 3.0 Frame w/ PUX
• Eye cup for video
• Elastic strip w/hook adjustable brake


System Overview

JM SmartViewer

Congratulations on your decision to by JM SmartViewer! The JM SmartViewer converts the display in your digital camera into a universal video viewfinder and this creates optimal conditions for perfect picture-taking.

1.The jmSmartViewer turns the display of your camera into a really large viewfinder and provides the best condition for perfect picture shooting and video filming.
2. Enables you to take perfect photos even in bright sunlight
3. Keeps your camera steady by using your body as support.
4.Lets you see 100% of the image without parallax shift.
5.Prevents you from taking blurred pictures when arms stretched.
6.Enhances your creativity and is a “must have”when making videos or taking photos with long lenses.
7.The smallest frame and with secure hold.
8. One quick click for lock & unlock.
9. protection included.
10.Changeable tubes and frames for different LCD sizes (in optional).
11.Suitable for most LCDs at 2.7, 3.0 & 3.2.
12.Soft eye cup included.
13. Adjustable for different eyesight corrections at eye cup.
14. Fits into any pocket – when collapsed just 49 mm height.

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